As a Veneers Dentist Here are Common Reasons Our Patients Need Restorations

Veneers DentistAs a veneers dentist, we are experts in restoring damaged teeth. Dental veneers have given us the tool we need to effectively treat problems that have plagued humanity since very early in dental history. Challenges like the natural yellowing of teeth can easily be addressed by dental veneers, as can chipping and cracking of teeth, and even large unsightly gaps can be corrected with the help of veneers. As a result, these wafer-thin porcelain inserts have become a popular and efficient tool, for us to use in the battle for perfect teeth. For a fraction of what they would once cost, teeth can now be whiter, brighter, and give you the brilliant smile you have been looking for.

Despite, dental veneers, and other technological advancements that have made repairing and restoring teeth so much easier, we always prefer the option of saving your natural teeth. As health care professionals, nothing gives us more pleasure than the ability to keep what Mother Nature gave you and still get the results that you want and veneers allow us to do so. Our second option is to use dental implants to closely mimic your naturally occurring teeth. As a health professional we work to educate our patients on the best way to prevent damaging your teeth, in the hope that you never need any kind of major surgery. However, we know that damage happens, and so here are some of the ways that most people wear down their teeth.

  • Dental Abrasion: An abrasion is the most direct way to damage your teeth and be a candidate for corrective measures like dental veneers. A dental abrasion occurs when you bit down on something too hard for your teeth’s enamel to handle which results in microscopic cracks, or even larger cracks and chips off the teeth. Common sense, using the right tools (which teeth are not), and avoiding chewing on things like popcorn and ice, are easy ways of avoiding dental abrasions.  If, however, you do damage to your teeth we can correct it as a veneers dentist.
  • Dental Attrition: The teeth wear out; this is a known fact which is why having technology like dental veneers is such a plus. On the other hand, it is important to realize that the natural grinding of teeth against each other is a prime reason why some people lose their natural teeth faster than others. The teeth are designed to have some level of contact between the upper teeth and the bottom teeth. However, for people that grind their teeth during the day due to stress, anxiety, or other emotions and for people that are night grinders, the damage done is intensified severely. Once the enamel has worn out the teeth are ripe for decay or infection. Night guards and a conscious effort to improve habits are strong tools to prevent the need for corrective action.
  • Erosion: The acid in food works to wear down your teeth enamel every time you put something in your mouth. If that something happens to be sour, the erosion can be even worse. Avoiding excessively sour and excessively sweet foods, brushing regularly, and rinsing after meals can help keep erosion levels down.

If you find that your teeth are sensitive or in need of repair, call and schedule your appointment with a veneers dentist today.