A Veneers Dentist Can Fix Your Teeth After an Accident

Veneers DentistIf you have been in an accident, a veneers dentist can help.  Millions of people are injured in car wrecks, slip and fall accidents, and sporting accidents on an annual basis.  Many of these accidents lead to injuries in the mouth.  Sometimes teeth fall out while other times they become cracked, chipped, or broken.  When this happens, it can be painful, and a traditional doctor cannot help – you need to see a dental professional.

Many patients rush to the emergency room after a tooth is knocked out or damaged.  If you have other physical injuries, this is wise, however, if your tooth is the main concern it is better to visit an emergency dentist instead.  Otherwise, you will end up waiting in the ER in order to have a doctor to tell you that you have to see the dentist.

A veneers dentist can repair your tooth, or teeth, after an accident and help them to look as good as new.  Dental technology has improved to the point that veneers can look completely natural, and no one will be able to tell that you are wearing one.  They can correct teeth that have been cracked, chipped, are uneven, stained, and even close gaps in between your teeth.  They sit directly on top of your natural teeth, so there is no tooth pulling involved.

When you schedule your emergency appointment, Dr. Chau, will examine your teeth and gums to determine if you are a good candidate for veneers or if you need a dental implant to restore the damaged tooth.  If veneers are the best option, her staff will begin preparing your teeth for the procedure, following these steps.

  • Teeth cleaning.  Your teeth and gums need to be thoroughly cleaned before a cosmetic dental procedure can be performed.  This is to ensure that any lingering bacteria and plaque is removed from your mouth in order to prevent cavities and gum disease from forming at a later date.
  • New tooth is created.  A mold is taken so that the dental lab can see the exact size and shape of your teeth.  This information is necessary in order to create veneers that are the perfect fit.
  • Your tooth is prepared. The tooth, or teeth, that need repairing will have to be filed down before an implant can be placed.  Otherwise, the implant will stick out above the gum line and be extremely uncomfortable.  Grooves are also placed on top of the tooth to make sure that the cement glue stays in place.
  • Glue is used.  A cement glue will be placed onto your tooth in order to secure the veneer in place.
  • Veneer is placed. Our veneers dentist will place the veneer on top of your existing tooth and ensure that it is positioned perfectly.  An experienced cosmetic dentist will make sure that your veneer is the perfect size and shape prior to placing it.

Once the veneer has bonded with your existing tooth, you will be ready to go home.  There is minimal recovery time, and once you are feeling great, you can eat and drink like normal.  Taking care of veneers is easy.  Just brush, floss, and have your teeth cleaned twice a year.  For more information or to have a damaged tooth repaired call Amazing Smile Dentistry today.