Things You May Not Know About Visiting The Dentist

DentistAs a local dentist, we find that there are several misconceptions about dentistry, and it is easy for patients to become confused about what to expect.  While it would be nice if the stories floating around were positive ones, many of the stories are urban legends about dental pain.  Fortunately, the reality of dentistry is different, and our patients have a positive experience when visiting our office.  Since there are many things about modern dentistry that people don’t know, we are sharing some information here.

Restorations will need to be replaced. We have found that restorations, no matter how good, typically don’t last forever. This is because they are made of a material that, like everything else, only has a set lifespan.  Some people can keep a crown in for over twenty years while others need to have it replaced after five.  This is usually due to how well someone takes care of their teeth and whether or not they are good at protecting them.  Just like a natural tooth can become damaged while playing sports, a restoration can as well.  This means that if you are playing basketball, baseball or hockey, you should wear a mouth guard while you do in order to keep your teeth from getting damaged or knocked out.  We also recommend that you keep your teeth and gums healthy because if the gums become infected that will put your restorations at risk.  During your dental exams, we will let you know how your restorations look and whether or not you should replace them.

You can feel great at the dentist office. There is no need to fear having your teeth worked on at our dentist office.  We understand that millions of adults have dental anxiety, but much of this anxiety is unfounded.  Based on depictions of dentists by Hollywood and urban myths, many people have the wrong image and expectation of dentistry, in general. When we are treating your teeth, we will give you pain medication so that you don’t feel any discomfort and have a pleasant experience.

Cosmetic dentistry can do more than whiten teeth. Many people don’t know what to expect out of cosmetic dentistry. Procedures for teeth whitening have been made famous, so most patients think of that procedure and bright teeth.  There are, however, multiple ways that cosmetic dentistry can improve the appearance and functionality of teeth.  Veneers, for example, can be used to close gaps in teeth, cover dark stains and make them look even in shape and size.  This is an ideal solution that, as a cosmetic dentist, we can make look completely natural.  Additionally, we can do things to improve the appearance of gums and take care of minor procedures like teeth whitening so that your smile looks younger and more refreshed.  There are even multiple ways to replace a missing tooth like dental implants or a dental bridge.  With that in mind, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with our dentist office so that we can examine you and determine the best way to treat and improve your smile.