Read About Top Celebrities That Have Visited a Veneers Dentist

Mzac-efronany of your favorite celebrities have been treated by a veneers dentist. There are many ways to create the gorgeous smiles that you see gracing the television screen and the cover of magazines.  Most of these celebrities were not born with gorgeous smiles but created them by working with a skilled dentist.  It isn’t natural to have a perfect looking, bright white smile.  As people age, teeth become stained and damaged.  The important thing to know is that they don’t have to stay that way.  We can help to create your perfect smile, just like many celebrities have done before you.

If you look up before and after photos of some celebrities, you may be shocked to see how different their smiles look.  It is amazing to see the transformations and how it impacts their entire appearance.  Some have only needed a teeth whitening procedure while others have had a complete smile makeover.

As a veneers dentist, we can tell which celebrities have had cosmetic dentistry procedures.  Here is our top makeover list:

  • Zac Efron.  Before he grew up, this childhood star had a noticeable gap in between his two front teeth.  He tended to keep his lips close together when he smiled and now that he has fixed his teeth; he smiles brightly.  He likely had the gap closed using dental veneers or Invisalign®.
  • Victoria Beckham (Posh).  This famous signer and designer used to have teeth that were too small for her face.  They were also yellow.  Using dental veneers, her teeth are now a brilliant white and perfectly sized for her gorgeous smile.
  • Katie Holmes.  Wow, her teeth were crooked and misshaped. This made for an awkward smile that has now been transformed into something perfect looking.  Her new teeth have transformed her appearance, and she looks more beautiful than ever.  As a veneers dentist, we can complete procedures to straighten teeth, make them the same length, and create this type of smile.
  • Tom Cruise.  The former husband of Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise is famous for his action packed roles, perfect body, and gorgeous smile.  His smile didn’t always look this way.  It used to be a disaster with teeth going in multiple directions, dark stains, and what appears to be oral health issues.  We believe that through a combination of dental veneers, implants, and teeth whitening, he had his smile created by a cosmetic dentist.  The before and after pictures for Mr. Cruise will blow you away.
  • Katie Perry.  The famous pop star had a beautiful smile when she stepped onto the scene.  The only real challenge is that her teeth were yellow and needed to be whitened.  Through regular teeth whitening procedures, Katie is ready to sing her heart out and pose for the camera.

You can have a gorgeous smile too.  These celebrities would not look the way that they do if it weren’t for help from an experienced veneers dentist.  To learn how we can create your perfect smile, give us a call and schedule a consultation.