New Ways a Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve Your Smile

Cosmetic DentistAs an experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Trina Chau is an expert at improving her patient’s smiles.  She uses the latest in dental technology to identify ways to transform smiles without requiring the patient to have braces.  This is ideal for adults that want to straighten their smile and make it perfect without wearing braces for two years.

Modern dental procedures have made it possible to improve your smile quickly.  Dr. Chau offers a variety of options that include:

Dental Implants.  This is the most progressive form of modern dental work because it can replace existing or missing teeth permanently without requiring support from another tooth.  People that have lost a tooth, have a crooked tooth, or want to replace all of their teeth, can do so with implants.  The result is a stunning smile that looks and feels completely natural.  Many patients will use this as an alternative to braces because your crooked teeth, or all of your front teeth can be replaced with perfectly straight ones.  This is a surgical procedure that does take several months to complete so many patients will wear temporary dentures in the meantime.

Dental Veneers.  Patients that want to change the appearance of their teeth without oral surgery can do so using dental veneers.  A veneer is a thin shell that is placed on the front of the existing tooth.  It can be used to cover dark stains, close gaps in teeth, make teeth even lengths, and even straighten some teeth.  Many patients select this procedure when their existing teeth are slightly damaged but are not in need of replacement.  As a cosmetic dentist, we encourage patients to have all of their front teeth done at the same time in order to create a beautiful and perfect smile.

Dental Crowns.  When a tooth is damaged and needs to be repaired, we recommend using a dental crown.  A crown is a cap that fits securely over a tooth.  It can be used when a tooth is not strong enough to withstand biting down on it anymore.  This is also ideal for teeth that have been infected and repaired, like with a root canal.  Crowns can be made in all-ceramic materials and placed on your front teeth without being noticeable but most often they are used for back teeth or molars.

Dental Bridge.  If you need to replace a tooth and don’t want a dental implant, a dental bridge is an excellent option.  A bridge uses a crown on each side of the missing tooth as an anchor.  The bridge is created between the two and a synthetic tooth attached.  When completed by an experienced cosmetic dentist, it will look completely natural and be durable enough for you to enjoy your favorite foods.  The key is that the surrounding teeth need to be strong enough to support it.

There are many ways you can transform your smile using cosmetic dentistry. To determine which options are best for you schedule an appointment with Dr. Trina Chau.