An Implant Dentist Provides an Alternative to Dentures

Implant DentistPeople wearing dentures should consult an implant dentist to discuss a more permanent alternative. Dentures have their uses and are now more comfortable than ever. They can look natural and provide a quick solution for people that are missing teeth. There are, however, drawbacks that can be resolved with a more permanent procedure.

An experienced cosmetic dentist can offer both dentures and implants so that a patient can decide which option is more convenient and suited for their lifestyle. People that need a quick solution to a missing tooth or a full set of teeth should wear immediate dentures while they decide which route to take for a long term solution.

An implant dentist will provide patients with the opportunity to have a full set of teeth that they don’t have to think about, or spend additional time taking care of. This is one of the best features of implants, they are ideal for people with active lifestyles because you simply brush and go. Once the implant is in place, you don’t have to think about taking care of it because it simply functions as all of your other teeth. It is truly seamless.

Many people with dentures complain about common problems like them popping out of place when speaking or eating, being uncomfortable, and requiring additional care. Some of this can be resolved by having better fitting dentures, but the basic concept of needing to “think” about your teeth never goes away. Patients that wear dentures know that they don’t have a full set of natural teeth, and it impacts daily decisions like what to order from the lunch menu.

Dental implants are different from dentures because they are so secure. An implant dentist installs a metal piece underneath the gum line and attaches it to the jawbone. The two eventually fuse together, creating an extremely durable and steady synthetic root system. A second metal piece attaches to the first at the surface of the gum line in order to hold the new tooth in place. Once the procedure is complete, the tooth will not pop out, fall off, or break when eating normal foods. This allows patients to live like they would with a full set of natural teeth – no complications or restrictions to worry about.

As an implant dentist, we help patients of all ages to regain the functionality they have lost after missing their natural teeth. We understand the importance of being able to go through life without worrying about your teeth and our expert staff can make that possible. To see if the process is right for you, schedule an initial consultation so we can discuss the challenges you are facing and goals you have for your smile. We will then determine if your gums and jawbone are healthy enough for the procedure. If not, we can provide dental treatments to improve your oral health first. The actual implant process takes several months and during that time frame a temporary denture can be worn. To learn more, give us a call today.