An Implant Dentist Provides an Alternative to Dentures

Implant DentistAs a Las Vegas implant dentist, Dr. Trina Chau provides patients with an alternative to wearing dentures.  Dentures have been the go to solution for people that have lost their teeth for hundreds of years.  In fact, President George Washington even wore dentures. Back then they were typically made of animal bone and human teeth and could not have been very comfortable. Over the years, they have continually improved in both comfort and appearance.  The challenge is that no matter how snuggly they fit, dentures will never feel like natural teeth.  Now Dr. Chau is offering patients a new way to replace their teeth and improve their smile.

Dental implants are the modern solution to replacing missing teeth.  Once installed they look and feel completely natural.  The process takes several months to complete because oral surgery is required, and the patient’s gums need to heal.  Though this isn’t a quick fix, it is a permanent fix, and the results are simply amazing.

As an implant dentist, Dr. Chau implants a metal piece underneath her patient’s gum line and secures that piece to the jawbone.  Overtime the two elements will fuse together to create a completely sturdy synthetic root system.  This is what makes a dental implant different from other cosmetic procedures.  It stands alone and does not require support from any of the surrounding teeth.  It will continue to do so throughout a patient’s lifetime.

Once the gums are healed, Dr. Chau will secure a second metal piece to the first at the surface of the gum line and attach the new tooth to it.  She positions the tooth perfectly so that it fits with the rest of a person’s smile. The new tooth is created in advance to match the color, size, and shape of the surrounding teeth. The result is a natural looking smile.  This can also be done to replace all of your teeth, instead of one or two.  When this is the case, a completely new and sturdy set of teeth will look gorgeous while being extremely secure.  Those with active lifestyles will enjoy the ability to eat all of their favorite foods, speak normally, and enjoy life without the restrictions caused by loose fitting dentures.

In order to determine if you qualify for the procedure, Dr. Chau will examine your gums and jaw to identify if it will support the implants.  As an implant dentist, she wants to make sure that the procedure will be successful.  At times, patients need to have treatments in preparation for the procedure.  For example, any signs of gum disease will need to be treated and corrected first. Additionally, some patients need to have a dental procedure to reinforce the area of their jawbone where the implants are being placed.  This is an important step because no one wants their implant procedure to fail or create complications.  Taking preventative measures initially will ensure that the implanted teeth are secure in addition to looking beautiful.  To learn more schedule an appointment with Dr. Chau today.