An Implant Dentist Can Restore Your Smile

Implant DentistAs an experienced implant dentist, Dr. Trina Chau can restore the appearance and functionality of your smile.  Over seventy percent of the U.S. adult population loses at least one tooth after the age of eighteen.  The numbers start to climb when people enter their thirties, with thirty percent of adults 30 – 45 suffering from tooth loss.  While fairly common, it is still a sure sign of aging and can cause problems with eating, speaking, and change the shape of your face.  Fortunately, Dr. Chau is able to restore missing teeth using implant technology.

The process has improved greatly over the past decades, where now a patient can have the full functionality of natural teeth, even after they have fallen out.  As an experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Chau, meets with patients, inspects their gums and existing teeth, and determines whether implants are a viable option.  She will also explain the process in detail.

How Are Dental Implants Installed?

An implant dentist and the dental staff will start by cleaning your existing teeth and gums, prior to any procedure being performed.  Then a mold will be taken of your mouth so that the lab can prepare a new tooth that is the correct size and shape.  The new tooth, or teeth, will be perfectly matched to your other ones so that it will look completely natural. It will also match the current color of your teeth so if you want to brighten your smile have your teeth professionally whitened before the tooth is made.

The surgical part is when a metal piece is implanted under the surface of your gums and secured to your jawbone.  This piece will fuse with the bone and create a completely sturdy synthetic root system.  An implant is extremely secure due to this portion of the procedure.  The amount of time it takes to heal is dependent upon your body and could take several months before you are ready to go to the next step.  In the meantime, Dr. Chau can provide you with a temporary denture to wear.

The next step is to attach a second metal piece to the first, at the surface of your gum line.  This piece is what your new tooth will attach to.  The lab will have created a beautiful, perfect looking tooth that can now be installed and secured within your mouth.  The major healing part has already taken place after the implant surgery, so you will be recovered and able to enjoy your new smile in no time.

Patients that want to restore the functionality of their teeth, after losing one or several, can turn to an implant dentist to have natural and sturdy teeth again.  The process takes longer but is more convenient in the long run than dentures.  The implants don’t need to be removed or cleaned in a special way.  You simply brush and floss like normal in order to take care of them.  Once secure, you can enjoy life and eat your favorite foods without worrying about your teeth.  Call today to learn more.