A Cosmetic Dentist Makes it Possible to Drink Your Favorite Merlot Without Staining Your Teeth

Cosmetic DentistYou can drink your favorite glass of wine and have white teeth with help from a cosmetic dentist.  Certain foods and drinks stain your teeth and can make them appear yellow in general.  While it’s normal for your teeth to appear yellow over time, drinking wine and coffee can speed up the process. Fortunately, modern dental technology has made it possible to have a beautiful smile regardless of how often you like to drink merlot.

The first thing you should do is to brush your teeth throughout the day.  This will prevent a lot of stains from forming.  Next, we recommend that you have your teeth cleaned twice a year at our local dentist office.  This allows us to remove surface stains from your teeth along with plaque and bacteria.  For many people, these regular teeth cleanings are enough to keep their teeth looking good.

Teeth whitening is a common procedure that we use as a cosmetic dentist. Our professional whitening solution can make teeth up to eight shades whiter which produces a stunning and dramatic effect.  The results are far more significant than what store bought solutions can produce.  This is mostly because professional whitening is done by a doctor of dentistry, not sold in a box.

Typically, a whitening procedure is enough to remove years of staining and make yellow teeth a brilliant white.  When this is not the case, we can offer dental veneers as an alternative.  A veneer is made of ceramic or porcelain, and these materials are stain resistant.  That means that when you drink a glass of wine or cup of coffee, the veneers will not absorb their color.  This makes them an excellent long-term solution for covering stains and keeping teeth white.  The veneer itself is a thin shell that is placed onto the surface of natural teeth. This means that you can keep your natural teeth in place while improving their appearance overall.  Smokers really like veneers because they can reverse the damage that smoking does to the appearance of your teeth and are unlikely to stain with continued smoking.

As a cosmetic dentist, it is important to point out that our priority is to keep our patients in good oral health.  We want you to have teeth that are free from cavities and a mouth free of gum disease.  Regular teeth cleanings and dental exams make this possible.  While your teeth may look beautiful with dental veneers or a teeth whitening procedure, this means nothing if your mouth is full of cavities, because eventually the infection will spread and start to create pain, with the possibility of teeth eventually falling out.  Remember that if you have these procedures done, you will still need to keep your regularly scheduled appointments and brush your teeth at home.

In the meantime, if you want to have a bright, white smile while still drinking your favorite merlot or cup of coffee – we can make that possible.