A Cosmetic Dentist Can Restore Your Smile After an Accident

Cosmetic DentistIf you have been in an accident, a cosmetic dentist can help you to improve your smile and restore the full functionality of your teeth. Millions of people are injured in accidents ever year. Whether a car wreck, slip and fall, or workplace injury many accidents can simply not be prevented. Unfortunately, regardless of how strong your teeth are they may not be able to sustain injury and either be knocked out or severely damaged. When this is the case, visit a dental professional instead of heading to the doctor for faster results.

There are several procedures a dental provider can use when fixing a damaged tooth. The severity of the damage will determine whether or not the natural tooth can be saved and restored or whether it needs to be removed and replaced. In both cases, there are option to choose from that will look completely natural.

Here is how cosmetic dentist can restore your tooth and your smile after an accident:

• Dental veneers. Veneers are an excellent option and frequently used in cosmetic dentistry. If your tooth has become cracked, chipped, or broken a veneer can be placed on top of it in order to restore the natural tooth completely. This allows a patient to keep their tooth which is good for the mouth overall. Since the veneer is matched in size, shape, and color to the existing tooth, it will appear completely natural.

• Dental implants. An implant is typically used when a tooth falls out or is knocked out. On occasion, a tooth may become severely damaged in an accident and need to be replaced. In all of these scenarios, an implant can provide the functionality and appearance of a natural tooth. When a cosmetic dentist installs a dental implant, they place a metal piece underneath the gum line that is secured to the jawbone. This acts as a synthetic root system that the new tooth is attached to. This process is so durable that you can simply brush and go without worrying about taking additional time to care for your teeth.

• Crowns and bridges. A crown provides more protection than a dental veneer because it wraps all the way around the tooth. It acts like a cap of sorts which prevents bacteria and plaque from reaching the tooth while providing the durability necessary for the patient to bite down like normal and eat their favorite foods. A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth by placing a crown on either side of the new tooth to hold it in place. They can look completely natural in appearance, making them an ideal option for correcting damaged teeth in all areas of the mouth.

If your mouth is injured in an accident, call a cosmetic dentist for an exam and evaluation. During the examination, you will be presented with various options for correcting and treating your damaged tooth. Working with an experienced dentist like Dr. Trina Chau will help you to recover faster and have the smile you have always wanted.