Bleaching (Tooth Whitening)

imagesWould you like to flash a dazzling white smile and have the added confidence knowing that you look terrific? We have many simple affordable options for you to achieve that beautiful white smile.

Whiter teeth are now easier to achieve than ever before. We offer a variety of treatment options from super-fast in-office laser whitening to convenient take-home whitening options.

Our laser whitening system, in one visit – about 20 minutes – your teeth can be an average of eight shades lighter. The treatment is painless, quick, and the results are long-lasting. Patients love the quick treatment for its effectiveness and efficiency.

Deep intrinsic stains that could never be bleached out before can now be eliminated with our deep whitening system that will be performed at home and in office.

If you prefer the flexibility of whitening in your own home, we can design custom-fitted trays so you may treat your teeth with a gentle bleaching compound. Take-home trays are a comfortable solution, and you will see full results in about two weeks.

Whichever method you choose, teeth whiteners work using a hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide based mixture. This means that, in some cases, teeth whitening can result in temporary sensitivity. This is very much based on an individual patient basis. We will cater the treatment to each individual and recommend the appropriate strength (15 percent to 30 percent), depending on your individual sensitivity level.

Our goal – your comfort and your beautiful, white smile.