We Are a 24 Hour Dentist for Working Professionals and Busy Families

24 hour dentistAs a 24 hour dentist, we help patients throughout the area to get the dental care that they need, regardless of when they need it.  In our practice, we quickly realized that offering 9 to 5 hours with Fridays off, as many dentists do, would leave a large percentage of our community unable to receive dental care.  With demanding jobs and families’ schedules, many people simply cannot take the time off of work or school to visit the dentist.  We came up with a solution – offer longer hours and be available 24 hours a day for dental emergencies.

Here are some of the reasons that patients schedule appointments after 5.

Teeth cleanings that fit within a work and school schedule
We understand the importance of not taking time off of work unless it is absolutely necessary.  The same applies to schooling.  If you want your children to get good grades, they need to be in class.  If you want to schedule an appointment for you and your entire family to have a teeth cleaning, we will work with your schedule and arrange a time that is both convenient and practical.

Restorations after a car accident or sports injury
Millions of people damage their teeth in accidents.  In fact, the American Dental Association estimates that at least 500,000 tooth injuries happen every year as the result of playing sports, not including things like car accidents or workplace injuries.  There is no way to plan for when an accident will take place.  If driving a car, it can happen 24/7.  If playing sports, an accident may happen on a weekend.  When your tooth becomes injured, visiting the emergency room won’t help.  Those doctors are highly skilled at treating your body but are not trained in how to treat your teeth.  For help, you need to see a 24 hour dentist that can repair and restore your damaged teeth right away.

Immediate access to dental care is extremely important because it provides you with the ability to save your teeth.  For example, if your tooth is knocked out and you can locate it, we may be able to reattach it.  In order to do so, you need to clean the tooth with water only and put it in milk before heading to our office for rapid care. Likewise, if you are experiencing severe tooth pain you may need a root canal or other emergency treatment in order to remove the infection and eliminate the pain.  Imagine if you were to get a terrible toothache late Friday afternoon.  As a 24 hour dentist, we can provide treatment right away.  Otherwise, you would have to live with that toothache throughout the evening and all weekend until you could find time to come in on Monday.

We make waiting for treatment unnecessary.  At Amazing Smile Dentistry, we want our patients to stay in excellent oral health without experiencing any discomfort or complications.  This is why we provide dental services 24 hours a day so that whenever your emergency strikes, we are here to help.